ROZBORA COUTURE is a fashion brand with originality, clean lines, delicate couture details,  feminine elegance and high quality. Creative director of the family brand is an internationally recognised professional designer Richard Rozbora BA (Hons) 16 years ago successfully he graduated from the prestigious University of the Arts ST.MARTIN’S CENTRAL LONDON. The fashion designer has received numerous international awards, as well as job opportunities abroad. Fashion brand and its designer promote ethics, decency and fairness, they respect ecological principles, prefer natural beauty, refinement, unobtrusive luxury and comfort in a unique design. According to the designer woman should be attractive, charming, finely sexy and elegant at the same time. Quality, style, timeless and sustainable fashion, environmentally friendly production and high professionalism, these are the values the designer uses in his creation.  Highlight the refined elegance of pure urban style with the philosophy of Slow Fashion.   The latest collection for 2018 is made of high-quality materials such as polished wool, knitted from 100% Merino wool with lurex,  muslin, silk, lace, elastic fine cotton, elastic satin and Ottoman. Models from his collection are wearable, comfortable, with possibility of combining and mixing in outfits. His models are designed for the modern, active, confident and independent women. 

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