Moschino Spring Summer 2018

Moschino Spring – Summer 2018

Moschino, fashion’s most rebellious and charismatic brand. The reason for Barbie making a comeback and allowing over sized, over colourful phone cases to be socially accepeted. This is a brand that walks it’s own path and basically does whatever the hell it wants, and we are major fans! But where did it all begin?

Moschino all started in 1983 when Franco Moschino left his job as Gianni Versace illustrator to create a brand with his own signature, eccentric! Moschino’s success was built on the fact it grabbed attention, from it’s clothes to it’s campaigns. Franco’s social awareness and criticisms of the fashion industry were portrayed through his work, which set Moschino apart from the rest of the luxury brands at the time.

After Franco’s untimely death, his assistant Rossella Jardini, took on the position of Creative Director. Moschino has grown into a global brand with multiple lines such as Moschino- main line for men and women; Moschino Cheap and Chic, Love Moschino, Moschino Jeans and it’s extremely lucrative fragrance label that is home to twelve perfumes!

Most designer brands have an idealistic view of who the girl is that represents their brand. This is usually a model/actress that epitomizes all the characteristics of a brand’s values. Moschino have based the ‘Moschino girl’ on a character, the beloved, goofy and quirky Olive from Pop Eye. Everything the brand does suits her personality and style, she is the true mascot of Moschino.

In 2014, the brand had a massive injection of fresh energy when they announced fashion designer Jeremy Scott would be taking on the role of Creative Director. In tow with Jeremy also came his celebrity following of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Katy Perry. Jeremy began his Moschino career with a witty bang with his “Fast Fashion” capsule collection that played on McDonalds. The least likely association you could ever think of and that is exactly what Moschino epitomizes; breaking barriers, making fashion fun and not to take life so seriously. We couldn’t think of a motto to live by!

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