When History inspires Fashion

August the 6th., an incredible vibe durint a special evening where Faith meets Hisory and Fashion. The event was conceived by the Mayor of the City of Tursi Salvatore Cosma with the support of the Presidency of the Regional Council of Basilicata, Confartigianato Imprese Matera, Province of Matera, Gal Start 2020, Matera 2019 and APT Basilicata.

The splendid Basilica Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Anglona was the magical setting of this scenario where the event was held with mastery by journalists Annamaria Sodano and Giuseppe Di Tommaso and directed by IFN Network.

Many Italian and Polish well known personalities were at the front rows of the catwalk event. This has been possible also thanks to the local companies and entities which are deeply involved into promoting the sustainable industrial processes for a better and more responsible lifestyle of the region such as: SMEDA S.r.l. and Soc. Coperativa RADE, that supported the production of the event Among the most eminent names have been noted:

The prestigious presence of His Excellency Carmine Orofino, Bishop of the Diocese of Tursi Lagonegro, the President of the Basilicata Region Vito Bardi, the regional councilor Pasquale Cariello, the prefect of Matera Sante Copponi, the Mayors of: Matera Domenico Bennardi, of Senise Giuseppe Castronuovo and by Craco Vincenzo Lacopeta, the president of Confartigianato Rosa Gentile, Prof. Michelangelo Tagliaferri.

On the Polish side, the Ambassador of Poland to Italy of your Excellency Anna Maria Anders, the President of Bielsko-Biala, Jaroslaw Klimaszewski together with the Vice President Adam Rusniak and delegates from the Department of Culture and Promotion of the city of Bielsko-Biala

Region Basilicata President Vito Bardi

At the beginning, the words of His Excellency Carmine Orofino, “Beauty will save the world” followed by a very moving and moving reading in Italian by Natasha Pavluchenko who tells the inspiration of the Maria Di Anglona collection and how history influences fashion. . “For a long time, looking at the world I was
looking for something that would help me take the next step for my creations. I found this passage here in Tursi where, looking into the eyes of the effigy of the Madonna, I was inspired to create a collection that will be the most profound translation of the inner intimacy and of one’s human condition. “

Tursi Major Salvatore Cosma

Natasha Pavluchenko, artistic creator of the event, presented with a fashion show the two collections inspired to the two cities that have a special place in her heart. The first is “Maria di Anglona”, that represents a tribute to the city of Tursi and the Basilica of Santa Maria di Anglona. During her trip to Basilicata, Natasha Pavluchenko was struck by the beauty of the Virgin of Anglona, ​​from the historic village of Tursi with its splendid collegiate church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rabatana. And it is precisely the “Altarpiece of the High Altar” dating back to 1700 and placed alongside it today
to the Virgin who inspired the 10 creations of the collection that will be possible to admire.

Natasha Pavluchenko

The second collection appeared on catawalk, entitled “Everlasting”, is a tribute to the city, Bielsko-Biała, where the designer lives and gives amusement to her creativity and whose name evokes the color white. The etymology of the name probably derives from the river Biała which means “white” due to the color of the water – white, clear and limpid; other scholars also associate the name of the city with the bleaching of the linen.

The staff of the European Academy of Policoro di Mirella D’Alessandro took care of the make-up and hair of the models who presented the prestigious dresses of Natasha Pavluchenko.

Idea and Concept by: Natasha Pavluchenko
Art designer: Natasha Pavluchenko
Art choreography: Mateusz Wojtasinski
Production by: IFN Network
Dancers: Mateusz Wojtasinski, Mikolaj Strzyz, Damian Kuczmierczyk

Models: Prestige Models Poland & Background Model Management Italy
Make-up & Hair styling by Mirella D’Alessandro’s European Academy of Policoro

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