International Couture – BRIDGE BETWEEN THE EAST & THE WEST

Altaroma closed with an exceptional event, the seventh edition of the International Couture Fashion Show which is confirmed as one of the leading events on the international scene, made by Maria Christina Rigano, councilor at the Italian-Lebanese Cultural Institute. For the first time, the show, created in collaboration with IFN Network, was broadcast on the channels of the “International Fashion Network” such as: Amsterdam, Dubai, Milan, London, Newyork and, directed by Manuel Ivan Maria Perrotta.

Francesca Ceci Presents International Couture
Eleonora Pieroni

Make-up by FACE PLACE ACADEMY by PABLO, artistic direction of Pablo Gil Cagné and Francesco Amatucci, for the hairstyles by THE BEST CLUB by WELLA, artistic direction of Giovanni Salerno, Alessio Larghetti, Lotito Antonello, Luigi Vernengo, Leo Libardi accompanied by their team. Special thanks to the students of UNINT for having greatly helped in the backstage and to Troy Natural for Sustainable healthy food. Before the show a teaser of the future fashion metaverse project has been showed with the creation of the designer Irina Krusatova.

Eleonora Pieroni, opened the International Couture show on the ALTAROMA calendar, wearing a creation by the Lebanese designer Missaki Farassian. The white color of the dress pays homage to the hope of peace and serenity that has been lacking for many years now in the designer’s country. The International Couture group show, bridge between East and West was presented with mastery by actress Francesca Ceci, a well-known face of Roma Fashion TV. Francesca Ceci remained behind the scenes of the backstage to interview stylists by offering the backstage live that was unveiled to those present in the halls of the Baglioni Hotel Regina and to those sitting on their sofa at home, through the Live Streaming of International Fashion Network.

Missaki Couture presented the Melodrama collection, an impressive play that is characterized by being excessively dramatic and extremely sentimental. Each dress is a sensational piece with over-the-top characters meant to appeal to the emotions. The collection focuses on fine details and embroidery, the incorporation of crystals and pearls to create a melodramatic dress. The color palette is unconventional pastel. Missaki Farassian draws her inspiration from this quote “In the drama, the characters should determine the story. In melodrama, the story determines the characters. “

collection and its title. Long dresses in matte black dominate, reminiscent of the nineteenth century, combining elegance with neo-Gothic rock style. On the other hand, elaborate jackets with 80s highlighted shoulders. “Every artist is a bit lunar and perhaps comes from the moon”, says Natasha Pavluchenko, I want to give the audience an extraordinary experience, it will be a real show with fairytale characters, in which the models will play the role of angels, bringing the audience in an extraordinary world, full of sensuality and extravagance. I am happy to show once again my collection in Rome, with which I am emotionally linked and where many of my artistic inspirations come from. “Partner of the collection is the Concept 77 architecture studio, that collaborates with Natasha Pavluchenko, creating original interior and building projects.

Here comes the time of color, sun and sea of ​​the Iolian Islands with the Renaissance collection of the ABIDDIKKIA brand. Giovanna Mandarano, creator of the brand, presented at International Couture a collection that mixes creativity, passion and energy, the models hidden by giant hats and straw bags where their allure evokes summer and the streets of Panarea. Dresses, shirts, and tunics with iconic prints that characterize the ABIDDIKKIA brand from the gaze turned to Sicily, its Baroque, the bright colors of its majolica and its characteristic floats. The color combinations are intriguingly mixed, ranging between basic ones and vitamin shades emphasized by decisive but refined combinations that caress the soft lines, enveloping the female body with character. A perfect palette to inspire good humor and erase all traces of the winter dullness. “Color” will undoubtedly be one of the watchwords for the summer. Accompanying the ABIDDIKKIA Renaissance collection are the accessories of Ferrum Jewels by Mauro Carrazza, one of the few craftsmen who works iron and creates works of art, each piece is unique and inimitable. Real jewels to wear, made special by the combination of buttons, glass, crystals together with iron work. Strength and fragility in a single element. Ferrum Jewels is a young but already known brand as well as in Italy in New York and Athens.

Ludovica Cirillo

SabrinAmoroso, a young stylist who recently graduated and for her first appearance on catwalk chose International Couture where she presented the Ba-riolé collection, a collection in pastel colors that is told through a mix of materials and embroidery that focuses on a harmony of colors and shapes. Ba-riolé is inspired by the Rococò, transforming some typical elements of the Baroque, through the intrinsic values of the Rococò. The lines are thinner and more stylized, decorated with pastel colors that make everything much more harmonious and light. Elements that inspired the collection were the various 18th century paintings that symbolize love and passion together with living nature, recreated on the catwalk through drapery, embroidery, flowers, prints and the volumes created. The corset is the recurring item throughout the Capsule.

Accompanying the SabrinAmoroso Ba-riolé collection on the catwalk are the eco-tech bijoux from the “Mottanai” byLUDO collection by architect Ludovica Cirillo. The collection was conceived and exhibited in Tokyo, mixes pieces of technological reuse, typical material of the brand and assembles them through the techniques of the local Japanese tradition. ByLUDO presented artistic pieces at International Couture each of which is dedicated to a different artisan technique: from electronic cables assembled with the mizuhiki system, to computer circuits made with the origami method, to pieces of CDs assembled with the concept of kintsugi. The word “Mottanai”; it refers to the Buddhist teaching on the waste that is done on things when they are not given the right value.

And finally, the bride arrives with Marcela De Cala and her Esperanza collection, presented at International Couture, a bridal fashion aimed at all women that represents a novelty symbolized by a modern and fresh transit told with the introduction of tulle, lace and beads. For the bride who loves the sensation of luxury, Marcela De Cala has chosen dresses enriched with pearls and crystals, while for the bride who prefers a more flashy touch, the designer has chosen floral decorations that spread a fascinating harmony. At the end of the International Couture Fashion show, 20 unique wedding dresses took place that enhance the quality of the renewed fashion worn with Fleur d’Oranger shoes, which accompany the woman on the most important day of her life … and offer “on tiptoe ”A very high quality product, made on an original design with wisdom and love. The brand is the result of the synergy between two successful entrepreneurs in the footwear sector, a brilliant Italian designer and a historic company that is constantly expanding its offer thanks to continuous research without neglecting the continuous love for product innovation and above all MADE. IN ITALY which combines the best raw materials processed in Italy with a skilful and accurate craftsmanship, which leaves nothing to chance.

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