Interview to the Designer Natasha Pavluchenko

As you know already from 1st. to December 3th. 2021 the “UrBBan Fusion Art & Fashion Festival“ is been held. Different generations and fields of art met in one common space. Fashion and tailoring art appeared in a unique combination with photography, music, dance and history. It is been a fusion of artistic events in the city, which was created exactly 70 years ago from the merger of two different urban units, located for centuries on the two banks of the Biała River. UrBBan Fusion. Art & Fashion Festivał was created on the initiative of the city authorities and according to the idea and artistic direction of a world-renowned designer – Natasha Pavluchenko, who works in Bielsko-Biała on a daily basis, that we already discovered this summer thanks to Ms. Maria-Chrstina Rigano during her event ” International Couture ” in Roma During ALTAROMA

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