Saint – SS22 Men’s Collection With Installation by Doug Aitken

Commissioned by Vaccarello, Green Lens exists as a living art-installation and cultural stage that interacts with the city landscape of in Venezia, Italy. The work opens an eco-narrative that speaks to the idea of the future world.

The experiential artwork located on the island of Isola Della Certosa hides a crystalline reflective interior that provides a kaleidoscopic view and dense botanic environment. The mix of reflections within are accented by clouds, mist and wild green vegetation that reflect the landscape, sky and shifting surroundings.

Green Lens strives to spark a dialogue about the connection between the natural landscape with our future. “In the 21st-century, we look toward to the future and how to harmonize with the natural environment, striving to create a new balanced world. We seek an environment where nature is empowered again, creativity is championed, and the weight of the past lifts, becoming fluid and inspiring.”

In concomitance with Biennale of Architecture, Green Lens will be accessible until the end of July with a series of performances and conversations, focusing on the future as interpreted by musicians, speakers and dancers. The activations that ask “What is the Future?” will be filmed and released to spread the voices, creativity, culture, performance and music of the living artwork.

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