Jarel Zhang

Jarel Zhang – New York Fashion Week September 2017

Born in Zhejiang and educated in London, Jarel Zhang received a master’s degree from Northumbria University,After completing the first master degree,Jarel Zhang received second master degrees in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. JAREL ZHANG Studio is an “Independent” spirit booster; With material innovation at the heart of every piece, JAREL ZHANG not only creates the brand, but has also developed a construction technique unique to the atelier. JAREL ZHANG explores the design direction of “Component Collection”, We explore a new way of selling clothes, we hope that we can buy more than just one complete set of clothing in the store, at the same time, to component purchase is also what we want or what can we choose. JAREL ZHANG hopes to make every widget on the fashion full of vitality; JAREL ZHANG with his revolutionary design pattern and sales model is working with a number of malls to expand and promote more interesting fashion modules so as to fashion could bring consumers more enjoyable experience.


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