Cognitive Computing and Fashion

What does Artificial Intelligence has to do with emerging designers?

“It has a lot to do with them,” says Piero Leo, Executive Architect & CTO of Ibm Italy, “Today advanced technology, cognitive computing in particular, may help decision making greatly also in the creative process. Specifically here at Ibm we have fine-tuned Watson, a platform that enables to carry out Cognitive Solutions. Watson allows to elaborate millions of data in a few seconds to give back information, know-how and even clues and suggestions for creative ideas”.

While in the past a designer created their collection 12 months prior its launch, today fast fashion obliges to reduce production times to guarantee adequate sales. Not only: it has also made revenue and customers increasingly more important. Anticipating times and trends  has now become a key factor for the success of a collection. What a “cognitive solution” does at this point? “It helps interpreting very rapidly a series of structured data (numbers, to be clear) but also non-structured data like images or the content of a conversation. But it can also learn to interact with the designer or a client in a natural way”, Leo says.


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